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Clothing and makeup can vary according to the project, person, and background. Although, there are some guidelines you can follow to help you achieve your best look. 


For a professional headshot, it can be helpful to look and see what other associates at your company wore for their professional portrait; or check with your marketing or HR department about any requirements they have. 


When choosing clothing for your headshot, we suggest medium to dark colors or rich jewel tones rather than pastel or light colors.  Tones of burgundy, green, purple, teal or blue etc.  Jewelry for a business headshot should be conservative. 


Suits or a jacket are a good choice for a professional headshot; when wearing a medium to dark colored suit the blouse or shirt under the suit may be a lighter color since not much of it will show. We do not recommend short sleeves for a business portrait, unless that is typical of your profession.


We suggest you, bring a back up option to have on hand in case you want a different look.


Make sure the outfit you chose is  something you enjoy wearing and are entirely comfortable with. 
•    Select, try on, and iron your outfit the night  before
•    Avoid older, worn looking outfits
•    Make a contrast with your skin tone
•    Bring glasses if you wear glasses


We do not have a make up artist or hair stylist on staff.  

If you wish to visit a salon close to the studio we recommend:


Helmet Hairworx
970 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30309
(404) 815-1629

Van Michael Salon
929 Peachtree St
Atlanta GA 30309
(404) 266-8647

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